Our Animals

At AppleCast we have 3 Alpacas, Acka, Maka and Packa, they all have similar personalities and live together as a three.
Joe & Joey are two of our Kunekune pigs, who share a home with Peppa & Lucky our other two pigs. They are now 4 years old and mostly spend their time sleeping or eating!
Brenda is our first mischievous Lamb to arrive at AppleCast, shes growing more and more everyday!
Melissa is our gentle giant shire horse. She's quite the beast to behold as the biggest physical character at Applecast.
Peppa & Lucky are our two of our Kunekune pigs. Their favourite foods are bananas and cabbages, and they are very friendly. They don't seem to have realised they have changed in size since they were piglets and often come for a cuddle with our farm team which can be a little uncomfortable due to their weight.
Georgie is one of our Grey Faced Dartmoor sheep that came to Applecast from All Hallows Catholic College in Macclesfield.