Huacaya Alpacas at AppleCast


We have 3 Alpacas at AppleCast. Acka, Macka and Packa. Alpacas are part of the camelid family which is why they resemble a camel and a llama. Alpacas are used mainly for wool, they have extremely soft wool and this wool is fire resistant, durable and hypoallergenic. It is usually a more expensive wool than sheep’s wool as it is so much fluffier and soft.

More About Alpacas

The Alpacas are the most shy animals on the farm. In hot weather they like bathing in cold water, to cool themselves down but they don’t like the rain as it ruins their hair… so they usually go and hide in their shelter and keep dry until it stops. As a treat the Alpacas love a good carrot but they are only allowed them when they haven’t been fighting with each other, as they can become very naughty! The alpacas have recently re-homed at AppleCast in 2019 which means they are still nervous about coming close to people they don’t know and they are still getting used to their surroundings.

These three all have there own personalities, Acka is the most outgoing and will usually be the first to come over to you for food, Packa is the new boss of the group, he will be the first to kick up a fuss is we have to handle him or have to carry out routine tasks. Macka is the nicest of the three, he is quiet and the most gentle one.

Animal Boredom Busters

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