Chickens at AppleCast

Chickens and Ducks

At Apple cast we have a range of feathery friends. We even have some rare breed chickens and ducks including Peekin ducks and Legear chickens.

More About Chickens and Ducks

All of our chickens and ducks live out in the wendy houses, they have an indoor house where they get locked away at night time so they aren’t in danger of any predators. They live in groups of around 5 or 6, this is the best amount to avoid over crowding and fighting. They all have there own personalities and are great little lawn mowers.

We have a range of breeds from warren chickens which are your usual laying hens to legbar hens which are rare breeds and they lay blue eggs!! We have a range of ducks including muscovy, peekin and indian runner ducks.

Animal Boredom Busters

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