We have 2 cows at Applecast, Jane and Rosie. These two are Hereford x Jersey heifers and were born in July 2020. This breed is a small breed of cow mainly used on dairy farms. A Female cow who has not yet had a calf is called a heifer so that is what Jane and Rosie are. Once they have had a calf they are then classed as a cow.

More About Cows

Jane and Rosie settled in the moment that they got to there new home at Applecast. They came to us from a beautiful farm in Garstang from the most lovely family. They travelled so well and unloaded straight away right in to there new home. They are living next to the ducks up on a hill so that they have the full view or the farm.

Jane is the more bolshy of the two ( just like Jane who runs the garden centre) she is the more out going of the two with more white on her face. Rosie is the quieter one, she is a little more shy than Jane but with some handling and interaction with the students she will soon come around.

These two are happy eating the grass at the minuet but through the winter months as the grass gets a little shorter they will be put on to hard feed, this will help them towards getting much more friendly and happy to be around humans and hopefully start enjoying going out for walks around site.

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