The Bengal Eagle Owl is a fairly large owl with prominent brown ear-tufts. Dark and light morphs of this bird occur. It is also known as the Rock Eagle Owl or the Indian Eagle Owl. Habitat: Rocky Hills with bushes, earth banks, wooded county with ravines, semi-deserts with rocks and bushes. They have been known to inhabit old Mango orchards close to human populations. Bengal Eagle Owls usually hunt from a perch, but will also make low foraging flights to dive on prey. They primarily hunt rats and mice, but will also take birds up to the size of peafowl. They will also eat reptiles, frogs, crabs and large insects. Pellets are up to 150 x 40mm. Generally, these owls will breed from February to April, but this may vary locally between October and May. The nest is usually a shallow scrape on bare earth. This may be on a protected rock ledge, river bank, or a recess in a cliff that is in a ravine. They have also been known to nest on the ground under a bush, or between rocks on a slope. 2-4 white eggs are laid, averaging 53.6 x 43.8mm. They are incubated by the female for 35 days.

More About Winter

Winter is one of our newest members she joined us on the 22nd November 2020 all the way from south cave falconry centre as sadly they had been forced to close due to land owners selling the land. This means that all the birds needed new homes and we just could not resist this beautiful lady he just had to come and be a part of the apple cast family we will update more info on winter as soon as she has settled in.

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