Beau & Arroh

Harris Hawks (Parabuteo unicinctus) is a medium-large sized bird of prey found from North America southward to Central and South America. These birds of prey are highly sociable and are easy to be trained.

More About Beau & Arroh

Beau the Harris hawk

Beau is one of our female Harris hawks she lives with her sister Arroh here at Apple cast.

Beau is the shyer one of the two hawks. She is friendly but takes her time to get to trust new people. Beau has an amazing bond with one of our students. When out free flying she is a lot more confident when out with her bonded human flying from perch to glove at some amazing distances. When with other members of staff, she sometimes won’t even leave her perch and likes to test us.

All in all, Beau is a loved member of the AppleCast family who has a big heart when you get to know her

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