Melissa our shire horse at AppleCast


Melissa is our gentle giant shire horse. She's quite the beast to behold as the biggest physical character at Applecast.

More About Melissa

Melissa is our gigantic 18.2hh (18 hand) shire horse. “Hands” is the unit of measurement for a horse, which is equivalent to 4 inches.

Melissa didn’t have the best start in life as she had a foal very early on in life, which has resulted in a slight dip in her back. She was rescued when she was 11 years old by our Farm Manager: Shannon.

She spent a number of years being shown off at Farmer Parr’s Animal World, under the name of Lizzy, before reuniting with Shannon at Applecast in August 2019.

She is the largest animal at Applecast and enjoys roaming the site during our quiet hours when our gates are closed to the public. She shares a pen with our two little Shetland Ponies: Noah and Bailey.

Melissa is a gentle giant, making it clear who’s the boss of the pen, and the rest of the farm.

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