Noah one of our Shetland ponies


Shetland ponies originate from the Shetland isles, they are used to harsh weathers, this is why they have such fluffy coats in the winter. They are a small breed of horse and only stand about 107cm, they usually have a chunky body with little legs. They are mainly used for driving and companion horses, this is due to there small size but stocky body.

More About Ponies

Noah is one of the two cheeky Shetland horses. Out of the pair Noah is the most handsome as he loves being groomed and the attention that comes with it too.  Noah is 20 years old and was one of the first few animals to home at AppleCast in 2017. Noah came with another Shetland horse called Bailey.

Bailey has the opposite personality to Noah, as he likes his own space and to be left alone doing his own thing. He often gets too big for his boots and thinks he’s a racehorse, when he’s not!. When Bailey doesn’t get his own way, he can become a little nippy which means his grumpy side comes out…

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