Kune Kune Pigs at AppleCast


Kune Kune pigs originate from New Zealand, they are such a friendly breed of pig and love human interaction. We have 4 pigs here at Applecast, Joe, Joey , Lucky and Peppa

More About Pigs

Joe & Joey came to us in December 2018, which were donated by Sam Tompkins. Since joining us AppleCast they have been on a diet to lose some weight! You will usually see all the pigs lying together snoring their heads off but when the pigs are awake they are very friendly and often wanting to be fed, as PIGS do.

Peppa & Lucky also came in 2018 but they were only 10 weeks old. Pigs are known to eat pretty much everything, but these two guys absolutely love their apples, bananas and cabbages. They are very friendly and always sociable, which has its downside due to their size. They still think they’re cute little piglets, and always come on over to sit on our handlers’ knees for a cuddle, which as you can imagine, can cause a bit of discomfort for our team!

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