Rhea at AppleCast


Here at Applecast we have 4 young Rhea, they came to us when they were about 3 weeks old. Rhea are originally from South America, they live around grassland areas and roam the open spaces. They can grow up to 5ft tall and weigh around 50lb with the males being larger. Our 4 are called Kevin, Edna, Ross and Rachel.

More About Rhea

They all have there own individual characters, this is sometimes the only way that we can tell the difference between them all. Kevin is the largest and the clumsiest of them all, he is also the friendliest too. He actually gave himself concussion from running in to a fence and spent 48 hours under constant monitoring by our staff. Edna is a bit of a lunatic, she is always the one at night time when we are trying to lock them away who will go of in the opposite direction and make it 10 x harder to get them in. Ross and Rachel are the quieter 2 they are always together and we think the they will make a great breeding pair when they are older (he’s her lobster) these 4 are currently living near the chickens and ducks but eventually will move over to near the larger animals when they will not be in any danger from predators.

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