Rare Breed, Greyface Dartmoor Sheep at AppleCast

Dartmoor Sheep

At Applecast we have 4 Greyface Dartmoor sheep Georgie ,Patricia ,Brenda and Ralph. this breed are classed as a Rare breed and are in the minority category. They are a very sociable breed of sheep and love attention and a cuddle. Grey face dartmoor are a medium sized sheep with quite short legs and hornless. Traditionally there wool is used for carpets, blankets and cloth as it is quite a long curly fleece

More About Dartmoor Sheep

These are the first breed of sheep that arrived at Applecast. They are an amazing breed and we absolutely love them. Ralph is probably the biggest character of them all, he loves a cuddle but then he does sometimes take the cuddle a little to far. His main hobbies are sunbathing, using us as a scratching post and then this usually results in one of us on the floor after he has pushed us over and eating lots of food !

The girls are a little more reserved than Ralph, they like there own space but they will happily run over for food and have a scratch of anyone at the fence. Brenda is the youngest of the group, she is Georgies daughter and she was born here at Applecast in March 2020. She had us on our toes for the first 48 hours of her arrival but she was soon fighting fit after lots of love and care from our animal team. Pat is our newest addition to the flock, although she is a full pedigree and fully registered she was actually a rescue, she has gained so much confidence in the past few months and sometimes she will be the first over for a fuss.

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