Rare Breed, North Ronaldsay Sheep

Ronaldsay Sheep

We have 7 North Ronaldsay sheep, 6 Ewes and Barry the Ram. This breed are much more flighty and unsociable than the Dartmoors. They are also classed as a Rare breed and are in the vounrable category meaning that there is only between 500-900 left. They are a much smaller breed than our other sheep and lots of people mistake them for goats because of the horns and slim figure.

More About Ronaldsay Sheep

We have had these sheep here at Applecast since 2018, they are all fully registered and are all pedigree sheep except from one of our rescues Jenny. Jenny is a  very special girl she has wonkey horns and funny eyes, she suffers from cataract in both eyes. This can’t be cured but the pain can be managed. She is a happy girl and at the age of 13 she is doing great! the rest of the girls aren’t as tame as Jenny they will come over for your food but they are pretty skitty otherwise, this can make things difficult when we are carrying out our routine handling and health checks. These sheep are from Orkney, in the wild they had to adapt to living on the beaches and shore lines so there diet mainly consisted of seaweed and rushes. They are a funny breed of sheep in many ways.

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