Peep, Mink, Apple & Cast

These mischievous bunch of tawny owls came to us in September 2020 they had come in from a rescue of many owls, they have many health conditions

More About Peep, Mink, Apple & Cast


When peep came to us he was clearly blind in one of his eyes from a cataract. He is 13 years old, one of our more senior residents – he was crawling with mites and had a broken beak from not having it trimmed regularly. After a little while with us he is now happy and healthy. Sadly, he is still blind in his right eye – so we thought peep was the perfect name for him


Mink was very lucky as he had no problems except for a mite infestation. After a treatment, he is now healthy and moving around happily. He is on the other hand very small for his breed so we thought Mink would be a suitable name for him.


Apple is a cheeky little female. She is one of the youngest at just under a year old and has a big personality and a big heart.


Cast had a lot of health conditions also. He had mites and on-set cataracts. He also had a twisted beak from neglect. He is now doing very well – his beak is slowly starting to move back in to place after having a good beak trim and regular trims will assist in making him as comfortable as possible
These 4 adorable tawny owls will live out the rest of their life’s in the best way possible even with these conditions they still make the best of these situations

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