Behind the scenes through lockdown, at AppleCast

Summer came earlier than expected this year… The whole world experienced a total LOCKDOWN!

Through the difficult times AppleCast found ways to help the community and vulnerable people around us.

Fresh Food Deliveries

Overall over 4 months, we did over 1,000 fresh food packages and delivered them around Wigan, Parbold, Newburgh and Skelmersdale.  We delivered these parcels 2/3 times a week, making sure they had their fresh food on time.

Bedding Plants for All

As the weather was nice and sunny and we had our summer bedding in stock but had no customers to sell it too… so we decided to deliver it to them, contact free! Through the long 4 months this gave them something to do and kept them occupied for a little while, when the weather was nice.

Our Charity Attendees

We still had some of our vulnerable service users attending us, they were kept in a safe environment and we made sure they were social distancing of course! Under the circumstances we were in we tried to keep things as normal as possible.

New Buildings At The Farm

While our site was quieter than normal, it gave us time to develop our site. We made new shelters for the animals on the farm, extended our garden centre, cleaned out the indoor/outdoor ponds and more!