Ralph’s back with the girls, down at the Farm…

The day has finally arrived at AppleCast Farm, when Ralph the sheep gets to go back to his girls.

Its taken a lot of preparation to get him fit and healthy and looking handsome! To help get Ralph ready for his date with the ladies, he’s had a full pamper session including:

  • Pedicure – (this is to make sure his feet are nice and smooth and not over grown)
  • Full health MOT – (to check everything is in working order)
  • Teeth Check – (as sheep get older they can loose some of their teeth, luckily Ralph’s teeth are pearly white)

At this point Ralph was ready to go, with his halter on & off he goes!

From the minute Ralph saw his special ladies, he got a spring in his step and with his freshly pampered toes he danced his way to his new home

Find out in next weeks blog how his date with Georgie and Patricia went…