At Applecast

Our farm animals are a range of rescues and rare breeds. They’re friendly, cuddly, and perfect for the kids to feed and explore on a family day out.

We have 3 Alpacas at AppleCast. Acka, Macka and Packa. Alpacas are part of the camelid family which is why they resemble a camel and a llama. Alpacas are used mainly for wool, they have extremely soft wool and this wool is fire resistant, durable and hypoallergenic. It is usually a more expensive wool than sheep’s wool as it is so much fluffier and soft.
Kune Kune pigs originate from New Zealand, they are such a friendly breed of pig and love human interaction. We have 4 pigs here at Applecast, Joe, Joey , Lucky and Peppa
At Applecast we have 4 Greyface Dartmoor sheep Georgie ,Patricia ,Brenda and Ralph. this breed are classed as a Rare breed and are in the minority category. They are a very sociable breed of sheep and love attention and a cuddle. Grey face dartmoor are a medium sized sheep with quite short legs and hornless. Traditionally there wool is used for carpets, blankets and cloth as it is quite a long curly fleece
We have 7 North Ronaldsay sheep, 6 Ewes and Barry the Ram. This breed are much more flighty and unsociable than the Dartmoors. They are also classed as a Rare breed and are in the vounrable category meaning that there is only between 500-900 left. They are a much smaller breed than our other sheep and lots of people mistake them for goats because of the horns and slim figure.
These 2 are a lot bigger than the miniatures and also much stronger. Sunny arrived back in 2016 and then 2 years later came stavross. they haven’t always been friends but after much persuasion sunny let him in and now they are inseparable.
Here at Applecast we have 4 young Rhea, they came to us when they were about 3 weeks old. Rhea are originally from South America, they live around grassland areas and roam the open spaces. They can grow up to 5ft tall and weigh around 50lb with the males being larger. Our 4 are called Kevin, Edna, Ross and Rachel.
Shetland ponies originate from the Shetland isles, they are used to harsh weathers, this is why they have such fluffy coats in the winter. They are a small breed of horse and only stand about 107cm, they usually have a chunky body with little legs. They are mainly used for driving and companion horses, this is due to there small size but stocky body.
These are a very small breed of Goat, they have been bred to be as small as 40cm tall to the withers. They are a cheeky breed and a great addition to Applecast and are always a hit with the little ones!